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Make Room

Fall 100 Miglia || November, 2012

Now THIS is a garage. If anybody has trouble storing cars and everything else in a garage, this is the way to go!

As part of the Fall 100 Miglia, Benoit Boningue and crew planned a stop at the Canepa Design in Scott's Valley. It's hard to even begin describing the place ... so I'll just start posting photos :)

They have a showroom floor: Porsches (959's, 993, etc.), Mercedes-Benz Gullwing, too many to describe ... and that's just the sales floor. There is a museum upstairs that hosts Bruce Canepa's racing history, and a collection of rare and important race cars.

There is a garage, with dozen's of cars in various stages of maintenance, repair, and to the metal restoration. If you need your rare 1960's Ferrari serviced, or a Duesenberg restored, I would highly recommend this place!

... and then there is storage!

The rally was sponsored by 100|OCT and Club Sportiva.

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