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Passion, April 2013

A while a go I've realized what is it about automotive photography I really love. I love telling a story of passion with photographing cars. There are certain cars that ooze the passion their owners have poured into designing, or restoring, or customizing.

That's what I've tried to tell with this image. This is taken in a garage in San Jose. The garage is home to two custom cars. The owner was working on one, getting it ready for a show, while I've spent some time photographing the other one.

Photographing a car in a busy fabrication shop is tough. If you want to end up with a photo of "car in a garage", that's easy. If you want to end up with a story, that's hard.

Did I accomplish it? I'll let you be the judge.

What's easy is control the light. So, @ F/20, ISO 100, I've played with strobes to tell a story.

There is one strobe sitting inside the cabin, connected to a Pocket Wizard.
Another strobe is in my hand being fired manually ... 2-3 times in a span of 4 seconds.

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